Welcome to Detox Comic

Way back in 2001 some friends and I were working in corporate IT and came up with an idea for a web site that would contain articles on technology featuring a web comic. My role in this team effort was to produce the comic strip based only on my experiences in creating pixel art on the Commodore Amiga, along with a rather dry sense of humour.

Wes, came up with the name Detox (for some unknown reason) and created the first site on GeoCities. After some time Wes and JP lost interest and I moved the comic to its own site here at where it has remained ever since.

From 2001 to the tail end of 2009 I created over 1,000 comic strips that poked fun at the world of IT, while making a vague attempt at a storyline. It wasn't easy and there were pauses both small and large here and there but I had fun creating each comic strip and still create one now and then.

As well as hosting the comic strip, is also a repository for the many articles that I have written on subjects that I find interesting and may wish to refer to in future. They say that the best way to learn something is to try and explain it to someone else, so I have written up my notes in (I hope) an easy-to-follow text.

As is not a business I have had to turn to Google Adsense to help support the upkeep of the site. I hope you find the content of interest and I am always happy to receive an email from anyone that would like to say thanks or has any suggestions for improvements or new comic strip or article ideas.